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    I was pretty sure that Windows was using all cores as the "Performance" tab of Task Manager shows 3 live graphs for CPU Usage History, and watching the CPU Usage bar graph in Windows while going through start up, it rarely goes over 50% for very long as compared to watching the system monitor in Ubuntu Studio and doing anything from opening a web page to minimizing it causes the lone orange CPU monitor to top out at 100%.

    Still though, I watched your video and went through the registry to change the values that were mentioned in there.

    During the reboot, I looked at the GRUB editor and did not see anything that said maxcpu=1.

    I'm back in Windows right now, and it seems to run a bit faster thanks to your suggestion for the registry edit. I'm about to log out and back in to Ubuntu to see if that made a difference.


    I don't see anything in my BIOS regarding CPU cores, the only thing I see is "Enable ACPI" which is enabled. Now, again, I'm not sure if that pertains to CPU's or not, I'm just going by what I read in regards to trying to find an answer before coming to the forums, and that was a suggestion that someone had made to someone else.

    I thank you both for your help in trying to remedy this problem, and will now boot up in to Ubuntu to see if CW's solution had an effect in Ubuntu.

    UPDATE: Nothing has changed
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