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Thread: Lubuntu 12.04 Security updates to *buntu core support period

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    Lubuntu 12.04 Security updates to *buntu core support period

    So I have pretty much scavenged the internet to find a precise answer to my question regarding Lubuntu 12.04, which is: Does Lubuntu 12.04 still get security updates and patches to the *Buntu Core 12.04 that it is made up of, for a 5 years support period?

    I have read the Lubuntu 12.04 official documentation so please refrain from quoting the same thing as an answer, because I am well, not stupid.

    I derived my question based on the official Lubuntu 12.04 documentation which was: that Lubuntu 12.04 uses the 'Same Core system'.

    So although lubuntu 12.04 is not designated as an LTS, does the 18 months support cover the LXDE and also include the *buntu 12.04 core?

    Morover If i did a minimal install of *buntu 12.04 and then only installed LXDE & openbox, wouldn't I just literally have Lubuntu 12.04 all over again? Because the minimal install of *buntu 12.04 is an LTS product

    I am at odds now, I find Lubuntu 12.04 just <snip> amazing, in terms of everything. I've used ubuntu 11.04, 11.10 and 12.04, and however nice they were, I've come to pretty much hate gnome & kde in terms of resource utilization.
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