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Thread: Samba low transfer rates

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    Samba low transfer rates


    I have an issue in-which I have come to a cross roads in fixing.

    I have two machines,

    1: 64 bit Ubuntu Machine running 12.10 - Atheros N-wireless adapter

    2: 64 bit Windows 7 Machine - D-link N-wireless adapter

    I cannot seem to achieve a higher speed than 2 Mbps.

    What I have tried so far,

    A: Gentoo box with Samba 3 is where this started

    B: Switched from Gentoo to Ubuntu

    C: Switched wireless routers

    D: Attempted to play with the configuration to improve performance

    I am literally staying stable between 1.8 Mbps - 2.0 Mbps

    Where can I go from here?

    To put it into perspective IF I run a test on I am apparently running an upload speed at almost 8Mbps - I can stream across the internet faster than local Samba shares.
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