Hello. I would first like to express my appreciation as I've already gained a lot of ubuntu knowledge from reading these forums. And I would also like to apologize if this has already been covered and I couldn't find it or is in the wrong sub-forum. I couldn't decide between the apple, server or networking forums.

So... I hope it's just a simple issue that a beginner like me has overlooked.

I set up a modest media server (12.04) and installed samba and it has worked wonderfully with my two windows machines and my ubuntu desktop to share files. My wife recently got an ipad 2 and I thought it would be nice to be able to access files on the server with it. I got an app called Remote Files (and a few others). It shows the server and other machines on my wireless network but when I try to log in to the server to access the files I get an "access denied" error no matter what account I use. I checked the log files on the server and I keep seeing "did not receive identification string from (ip of the ipad)" for each attempt to log in. It seems strange that I can log in from my other machines with the same account but not the ipad.

Is there something simple that I missed? Does the ipad need some sort of special identification? I'm sure there is some important info that I left out, just let me know what might be helpful and how to find it. My only knowledge of Ubuntu Server comes from the tutorials that I read to set it up so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!