Hello everyone,

I'm very new to the community, and also very new to using Ubuntu / Linux. I have a question that I've been searching and searching for a few days for the answer, and I'm afraid I just can't find anything helpful.

I'll admit now that I'm not much of a coder / programmer at all, I am just bored and wanting to try something different out. I've heard for years about Linux, and found Ubuntu Studio and thought it seemed interesting and wanted to try it out.

Now, the problem I'm having is this: For some reason the Ubuntu Studio OS does NOT see more than one core for my processor. I've installed and tried version 12.10, and since that one didn't work I figured the LTS 12.04 version might, but same thing.

My BIOS is set to ACPI Enabled, my processor is an AMD Phenom 8400 Triple-Core.

I'm running the 64bit version of the OS, as I figured it should be okay since my Win7 is 64 bit.

Is there anything that anyone can suggest, hopefully that doesn't go too over my head.

Thank you very much for the responses, and allow me to apologize if this has been answered before - I can't seem to find any threads that had any helpful info for me.