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Thread: Not able to control Brightness in my VAIO CW15FG laptop

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    Question Not able to control Brightness in my VAIO CW15FG laptop

    I've installed Ubuntu 12.10 recently.
    When ever I press Fn keys along with F5/F6 it shows that the brightness decreases / increases accordingly. But no difference on the screen.

    I tried modifying the grub , xorg.conf files as mentioned in many other posts. But none helped me. I'm new to the Ubuntu environment and I'm completely clueless about what to do.

    In my /sys/class/backlight directory, I find two folders (shortcuts)
    nv_backlight &
    And when I change my brightness I find the value changes accordingly in brightness file present inside 'sony' folder.

    Earlier I tried to install nvidia driver for my G210M graphics card and failed. I get a blank screen after the boot screen after installation. So reverted the settings to work on my default driver

    I even tried kubuntu 12.10 live cd (KDE environment) and found the same problem there.
    Plz someone help me with this brightness issue. it is even Ok for me to work without my nvidia drivers as I'm not a big fan of games.
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