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Thread: Dual boot with Win 7 and EFI BIOS

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    Dual boot with Win 7 and EFI BIOS

    Hi, I just had my computer totally upgraded except for the HD and I'm wondering If I will have problems with Ubuntu and Win 7 Dual boot on my system. I haven't used Linux quite a while as I had huge issues in the past with EFI BIOS, AHCI etc running on Win XP/Ubuntu after I had a new MB. I am installing Win 7 now and that has the ACHI drivers so I'm hoping it will all go OK. I don't have any help as no one I know has any Linux experience so It needs to be fairly straight forward for me to get it working. Would love to use Ubuntu again. Thanks for any help.

    My system is

    MB Z77MX-D3H LGA 1155 (Dual UEFI BIOS)
    CPU Intel i5 2500K
    Radeon HD 6870
    4G RAM 1333
    PSU Seasonic S12 II Bronze 520W
    Win 7 (Install 32bit or 64 bit windows?)
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