G'day all,

I'm trying to mount a couple of shares on our CentOS server into the filesystem of a Ubuntu desktop and a Linux Mint laptop (they all mount fine into XP, Vista & Win7), and getting exactly the same issue.

The fstab line for the mounts is the same for each:
//IP address/sharename /mnt/mountdir cifs username=username,password-password,_netdev,rw 0 0

The general shares mount Ok; however, regardless of what I try to do, the home share on the server mounts onto the laptop, but can only be accessed as superuser. I have tried playing with uid & gid, rw, file_mode & dir_mode, guest, nounix, iocharset parameters for the mount; and the results are all the same. One of the issues I see is that when mounted, the directories are owned by user 500 (from the CentOS system, but has the same username and password on all machines); of course, the sameuser on the Ubuntu & Linux Mint boxes has a uid of 1000. Despite this, the server's non-home shares mount OK. The mount points all have the same owner and permissions.

I suppose I could do it through nfs, but I should be able to do it using the servers samba shares.

Can anyone help?