I currently have Ubuntu Server (latest release) installed on a media server with 4 (3TB WD green) hot swap drives. I only use the server to view and download media (downloads through uTorrent server). Currently I download all the media to one of the 4 drives and then transfer the completed files to the other drives. This transfer is done in Windows 7 as I made the drives samba shares to work with my various devices (WDTV, Boxee). However when I drag and drop the files from one Samba share to the next it is essentially downloading the file to my computer and then sending it over to the new drive (rather than recognizing they are both on the same computer and transferring it directly) which can take quite a bit of time.

This all said, is there a program (like FXP) or option I can use to transfer the files faster? I realize I could do it manually through ssh but am trying to avoid that given I can't just copy all due to the different media types needing to go into different samba shares.

Regards and thanks for any assistance available!