I am a first time poster, only first "real" time installer of 12.10 Ubuntu, but a veteran of many linux distros and kernels.

Please correct me if my post is in the wrong area. More than glad to redirect/repost in the correct place.

I am a systems administrator/architect, but in a mostly Windows shop. As I remarked, I am a veteran of linux and especially samba, and already have an AD configured multi-user logon capability after a few tweaks and searches.

I installed 12.10 Server, and added the ubuntu-desktop and I believe its called Unity, correct? If i am not mistaken, this is the first release and divergence from the classic GDM.

Hence my problem for which the post is necessary.

I have seen several post, all pre-12.10 versions however, of "solved" status stating the way to enable the login screen for multi-user login is to find the option "Show list of users" and uncheck it, to then be able to manually type (in my case, a SAMBA enabled AD user).

I have tried and confirmed this is working from the command line. Home directory created, etc.

Problem is, all those "solved" posts are referencing an option I don't have in this brand new desktop scheme.

Forgive me if this is solved elsewhere, I did do a thorough search first, however, and have found no luck.

Any Ubuntu veterans out there, who also have tested 12.10 + SAMBA/Winbind client logons, and know where/how to allow this option, please do reply.

Many thanks in advance!