I googled a few things about moving my Linux primary partition to a logical partition. I really wish i did this on the install... Anyway, what i'd like to do is change up some partitioning so i have room for a boot partition.

Current Setup:

Partition 1: Windows
P2: Ubuntu
P3: Swap
P4: Shared documents (with files and the "program files" folders from Windows)

Desired Setup:
P1: Boot
P2: Windows
P3: (Extended) Ubuntu
P3-A: OS (logical)
P3-B: /home (logical)
P3-C: Swap (logical)
P4: Shared Documents

Now, i know i can fumble around with gparted, copy the image of the Ubuntu partition to the shared documents partition, create the extended (and hence logical partition), move the image back to the created logical partition.

My question: are there any other precautions i should take? Like -- are there config files that are going to look to /dev/sda(old) instead of /dev/sda(new)? and how do i seamlessly change the settings in the OS to look for /dev/sda(new)?

Thanks in advance!