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    Quote Originally Posted by Anathaen View Post
    Everything you can do in Photoshop you can do with GIMP. You'll get the same results, it only requires a little bit more effort, but in the end it's worth it and you're just more proud.

    Photoshop is designed the way that it does most things for the user and in the end you'll end up asking "who did that? was it the artist, or the program?" Sorry, but that is just lame.
    This is an incredibly misleading statement. Both parts of it.

    1. You cannot do everything with GIMP. For instance, there is no free transform tool in GIMP, and no even remote substitutions for it exist. In the roadmap it currently has a rather low priority.

    It's also not possible to make non-destructive changes such as adjustment layers or layer effects. The only existing bunch of scripts for layer effects provide a similar UI, but you can't adjust settings after you applied an effect. So you have to redo things again and again. And that's just loss of time.

    2. Photoshop isn't designed that way. It's designed to remove as many roadblock as possible and to unclutter the work of its users. So that they could focus on actual work. Hence your argument about "who did the work" simply doesn't apply unless for some obscure reason you were referring to extensive use of third-party actions. Which anyway isn't what everybody mostly does.

    So let's be honest. Just because GIMP is free, and Photoshop is proprietary, GIMP-powered designs aren't true art by humans, and Photoshop-powered designs aren't computer generated art.

    Similarly, GIMP doesn't provide all the features that Photoshop has. Some of these features are irrelevant for most users, but a lot of them are quite important and help you complete your work faster.

    Quote Originally Posted by barretiano View Post
    Hello everybody,
    i like to ask for your help please , how /where do i get any old version of GIMP the new one is a nightmare for me
    I suppose 12.10 ships 2.8 now? In that case you will have to build 2.6 yourself.

    sudo apt-get build-dep gimp

    will get you all dependencies

    then you can fetch sources and do the usual

    ./configure && make && sudo make install


    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedGonzales View Post
    I've tried MyPaint and find it frustrating that you cannot zoom in using the mouse wheel.
    Works just fine for me. Although I'm using a build from Git.
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