Ok, so long time virtualization fan here...The last few years I've been trying to streamline things, and noticed that establishing "Templates" of the most commonly needed OS's to be a big help.

I've got one for each major flavour of Windows from XP to 7...Those are relatively easy. For example, I can use NewSID to get all my XP/2003 VM's renamed and made unique in respects to things like GUID's, Serials, etc. Outside of that there is sysprep that can accomplish most of the same tasks (Of course with way more typing/clicking)

Problem is I don't know Ubuntu as intimately as I do Windows, so I'm not sure of all the angles to look out for. I know in the past I've had issues cloning an Ubuntu VM (Networking would break until I did something to udev), and I haven't attempted it again.

So...Any help? Either a listing of places to check/ensure are unique after cloning, or if there is a newsid.exe/sysprep.exe alternative for Ubuntu that is reliable...I would prefer the former so I can learn more about it, but I'll take either.

The goal is to have a VM that has a base install, fully-updated, and generic enough that I can just make a linked clone (I use VMWare Workstation) and do a few simple commands to deploy it into my production network.

I saw another post or two on here with similar requests...But didn't get any answers from them. Thanx in advance!!!