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Thread: booting problems with Ubuntu 12.04

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    booting problems with Ubuntu 12.04

    I have installed Ubuntu several times without issue. Just built a new computer with an Asus P8Z77M Pro mother board with EFI. I am trying to use EFI for booting, but my computer only boots every third or fourth time, usually locking up at a purple screen.

    My partitions:
    /EFI partition -- 258MB
    /swap -- 20480MB
    /(root) -- 25600MB
    /home -- rest of disk

    Here is a link to boot-repair output ... boot-repair claimed to be successful:

    It's a little confusing because the boot does work on occasion. When it does not work, besides the purple screen lock, I also can get a notice to go in and change CSM settings under Boot Info in the BIOS. I've tried every CSM setting under the sun, but may have missed something.

    If it is a valid option, I am happy to go "Legacy" and avoid EFI altogether ... this has been rather frustrating.
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