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Thread: How to find cause of crashes

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    How to find cause of crashes

    Hello folks. Hopefully someone here can help me. I have been putting up with this problem since the release of Ubuntu 12.04 and since then I have been stuck on Xubuntu 11.10 and unable to upgrade any further. Seeing how 11.10 will no longer be supported after April I really need to find a fix.

    My problem is that Ubuntu 12.04 and newer (and any distro based on the same), crashes my computer randomly. Sometimes it just freezes (keyboard and mouse also become non-responsive) and the only way out is to do a hard reboot with the power switch. Other times the computer will reboot on its own.

    Logically I thought of several culprits, overheating, bad gpu, bad hard drive. However I have narrowed the problem down to the Kernel version.

    The only way I have figured out to reproduce the problem without fail is by launching up a game I sometimes play called Second Life. The game itself does not cause a crash however teleporting to un ancached location does. Let me explain. This game will save on your hard drive textures and game data from each location within the game. If I stay on the same location no crashes occur. The crashes occur only if I go to a new location and the computer starts pulling and saving data to my hard drive. Because of this I thought ok, it must be the GPU or my hard drive.

    But here is how I have ruled these out:

    The GPU - If I boot on Windows vista no crashes occur and I cannot reproduce. If I boot on Ubuntu/Xubuntu 11.10 no crashes occur and I cannot reproduce

    The Hard drive - My hard drive was bad so I replaced it. It is now a brand new hard drive.

    How I narrowed it down to the Kernel Version:

    I noticed that Xubuntu/Ubuntu 11.10 did not crash. Ubuntu/Xubuntu 12.04 (and linux mint 13) do crash.

    I tested on a fresh install of Xubuntu 11.10 wich comes with Kernel 3.0.0-12-generic. No crashes occur with this fresh install. However as soon as I apply an update (update manager asks to update to kernel 3.0.0-23 or something) the crashes start happening.

    So I have been stuck on Xubuntu/Ubuntu 11.10 and Linux Mint 12 not being able to even apply updates to the kernels, I have to use Kernel 3.0.0-12 so that I don't have a problem.

    I have checked dmesg but I cannot ever see any error messages that could have caused a crash.

    I am sorry if this post is so long but I am trying to be as detailed as possible to illustrate the problem. Please note that it is not specific to the Second Life game. Second Life is the only way I can surely reproduce a crash however this happens randomly also when doing other things.

    tl;dr I cannot update to any ubuntu version that uses anything newer than kernel 3.0.0-12.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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