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Thread: 12.10 installation issue regarding video

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    Lightbulb 12.10 installation issue regarding video

    I could really use some help with my fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.10. I decided to dual boot to Ubuntu from Windows 7 today. I connected a brand new 2Tb drive and created a new 1Tb partition using the Windows disk formatter. I made it an NTFS partition with GUID. I then burned an .iso of the new OS to a disc. I restarted the pc and made it boot to the dvd and it came to the normal Ubuntu live cd. When the options to either try Ubuntu or install it came up, the cursor slowly stopped moving and a terminal-like screen came up. It said "playlist update failed" and "failed to idle channel 1". Then it went back to the screen which was now all distorted with colors and everything. It went back and forth a bit and then finally restarted.

    I figured this was happening because of the live cd. Well I then installed it using the windows install for Ubuntu. When I started the boot everything seemed fine, but when it got to a screen telling me the other things it was trying to started acting up again. I finally found how to edit the "normal" startup option by replacing splash and something else with nomodeset. It worked just fine, but the computer needed to restart again before I could actually get on the desktop or anything.

    Now I start with seemingly no way to edit using nomodeset. This is problematic because it then locks up at the password screen. I have the video drivers. I know how to install them. I just need someone to tell me how to access my computer long enough to install them. With hopes that THIS will actually fix what should never have been a major issue. Installing Ubuntu should be quick and easy. This, however, has been nothing but googling forums and similar issues to no prevail.

    Thanks community


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    Re: 12.10 installation issue regarding video

    This may help... ubuntu does take a bit of learning to get it right... fun tinkering I call it.


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