Hey there everyone,

I just wanted to make sure that I set this up properly. So for the last year I've had a Hauppage 2250 card with the dual tuner running in my backend I've used this for tuning in the basic of basic Comcast cable (Everything over the ClearQAM) Last week I decided it was time to ramp it up and I ordered the HD Homerun Prime and got a cablecard from Comcast (BTW everything works on it just fine except for the Music Choice and the Premium channels) After an involved weekend I finally have my lineups back to where I want them. This involved my wife and I spending some time in the Database as well as schedules direct going through and dumping out everything that was either in SD and had a HD counterpart or that we just didn't have or want. So now that all of that is done in my channels table in the DB I do have some duplicate channels because there is a ClearQAM channel as well as a prime channel. I was just wondering if say for example I went to my local channel 9 which comes in HD on both paid and ClearQAM if the myth will just choose a free tuner or something else? Also when it comes to recordings will it give preference to one tuner over the other? Thanks for your help with this in advance and there is a different method that I should use with the two different tuning devices please let me know. Thanks.