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    SparkleShare PPA

    I found that the version in the repos lagged behind a few versions, so I created a PPA for it.

    Setup Instructions

    On Server (replacing PROJECT_NAME with the name of your project)
    sudo curl --output /usr/bin/dazzle && chmod +x /usr/bin/dazzle
    sudo dazzle setup
    sudo dazzle create PROJECT_NAME
    Copy down the output (Server address and path) for use when setting up the clients later on

    On Client (PPA Repository maintained by GreatDanton)
    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:pribosek-jan/sparkleshare
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install sparkleshare
    Now, setup sparkleshare on each of your clients. You will recieve an ssh key for each.

    On the server, run the following and enter the entire SSH key
    sudo dazzle link
    NOTE: there are no guarantees that this actually works perfectly - might take a few patches to get it running perfectly
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