It's possible for someone who hacks into a router to change the DNS server ip addresses for that router and thus redirect users(connected to that router) who are accessing the internet to malicious websites in order to steal information from the users and do other unpleasant things.

I was under the impression that to protect against this, all I have to do is specify trusted DNS server ip addresses in my laptop itself and thus all DNS requests from my computer would ignore and bypass the DNS servers specified in the router(by the hacker) and all DNS server requests from my computer would go to the trusted DNS servers I specified in my laptop. This is supposed to protect me from being mis-directed to the malicious sites and from other traps set up by the hacker. But, after reading this website: http://hackercodex.com/guide/how-to-...ver-hijacking/ I am not too sure anymore. Can you read this webpage and give me some feedback regarding this?