I'm a completely new user to Ubuntu 12.10, so i apologise if i don't provide the necessary information or use appropriate terminology. If i don't; chances are i don't know how! But i will try to update this as often as possible if anyone could be generous enough to provide me with steps to resolve my issue.

Thanks in advance!


Basically, i have World of warcraft installed on an external hard drive and i am able to play it through wine ('browse c: drive'), however it only plays on the lowest settings (with a low framerate) citing 'Unsupported for graphics related reasons' on many of the game's system options.

lspci -k
returns the following output:

NVIDIA Corporation G92 [GeForce 9800 GT] (rev a2)
Subsystem: CardExpert Technology Device 0401
Kernel driver in use: nvidia
Kernel modules: nvidia_current, nouveau, nvidiafb

I truly won't be bothered if the issue turns out to be unresolvable, so long as i know it's not something that can be fixed by altering my drivers or configuration settings in Wine.

Again, i am a total beginner with this OS, and i realise it might be a pain to help me due to this, but any help would be greatly appreciated as Ubuntu is currently my sole OS.

Thanks again!