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Thread: Live-usb, "disc boot failure" (unusual)

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    Exclamation Live-usb, "disc boot failure" (unusual)

    Hello there,

    I wanted to try Lubuntu(i dont think its distro based problem so i posted with ubuntu prefix) without doing anything to my current windows xp which does not have any problem other then being microsoft product, with the Live-usb boot option.

    I have followed the steps that was told downloaded and used unetbootin to set up the Lubuntu in the USB, it is done , so i reboot and set my BIOS options to Boot from USB only.

    It gives the famous DISC BOOT FAILURE error.

    I have checked the forums here and checked the live-cd boot page also, everything is perfectly oke, and currently i am writing this message on laptop using my old windows xp without any problem. Also when i plug in the usb using windows, it comes with "install Lubuntu" name and icon so i really dont think any problem with how did i put it in usb.

    So can you guys help me? I would really like to try lubuntu.

    Thanks for the help, and thanks all people who spend time for any non-commercial based project. (i am full-time volunteer for 2 years so i know how thing are )

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    Re: Live-usb, "disc boot failure" (unusual)

    Quote Originally Posted by yamach View Post current windows xp which does not have any problem other then being microsoft product...

    Disk boot failure means either you don't have the machine booting from the right drive (you're probably certain that's not the problem), or your flash drive isn't properly set up.

    Can you be more specific about the steps you took to set up the Live USB?
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