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Thread: New HD-PVR Firmware 0x18 Audio Lag Problem

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    New HD-PVR Firmware 0x18 Audio Lag Problem

    Hi all,

    I just got a new HD-PVR and it came with firmware version 0x18. (My old one had firmware 0xf). Recordings from the new HD-PVR come through all washed out. I was able to find a fix for that from the MythTV wiki page for HD-PVR.

    My remaining problem is an audio lag of several seconds. It is a known issue and there is a fix in Myth, but it requires an environment variable be set. (FORCE_DTS_TIMESTAMPS=1) Details here My question is, where should I put this environment variable so it gets set every time my system boots.

    I have 3 Myth systems total.
    1- Master backend (Mythbuntu 12.04)
    2- Slave BE, frontend (Mythbuntu 12.04)
    3- Frontend only (Ubuntu 12.04)

    I obviously only need the fix on two of the systems. I tried adding the environment variable to /usr/bin/mythfrontend and that worked on one but not the other (although I had only a few minutes to test either system).

    I could add it to ~/.bashrc, but because it is a Myth specific setting I would rather it be somewhere that makes it obvious it affects the frontend.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: New HD-PVR Firmware 0x18 Audio Lag Problem

    After testing a few things adding
    to the end of /etc/mythtv/session-settings seems to be working well.

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