Hi there, first time posting!

Let me first explain what is cause of the problem, so you guys can maybe better help me out.

I have my monitor attached to my DVI port and my TV attached to my HDMI port on ATI graphics card. When my computer is turned on before the TV, and the TV after (few mins, hours, no matter), for some reason (this is regardless of the OS, happens on Windows too) in the moment that the TV is about to show the picture, my monitor goes blank for a 2-3 sec. And thats ok, I guess its an ATI thing, it doesn't bother me. But, after my monitor turns on again, the Unity launcher disappears. The global menu is still there, and I can bring up the HUD using the shortcut key on my keyboard, but the icons and the launcher itself is invisible.

Note: This happens no matter if I currently have Clone Screen on or Single Display. Also When ever this happens, I get an error message, how resolution cant be set or something, cant remember exactly, but I can reproduce the error if its needed.

So, my question is, can I prevent this from happening (launcher disappearing), or if not, can I at least bring it back again without needing to logout and log back in?