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Thread: PS3 Media Server

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    PS3 Media Server

    After tinkering with PS3 Media Server on the peppemint 3 distro just recently and seeing all the reports of the big red cross and all the 'no renerder connected' calls for help. I think ive found the culprit (or 1 of them anyway!)

    For me, it was about opening the correct firewall ports from a terminal. So I open a terminal as root: 'ctrl-alt-T' then type 'sudo bash' then pwd, then enter

    iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 5001 --syn -j ACCEPT

    Restart the server & bingo! connected - big green tick - hurray!

    However, each time i switch off my PC then boot up later on, I have to follow this same procedure?

    How can i write somthing into the bootup that opens this port on each reboot?

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