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Thread: Default Key Combination for 'Window Resize Grippers' ???

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    Red face Default Key Combination for 'Window Resize Grippers' ???

    In recently upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 through update manager and still discovering it's features and things.

    I accidentally hit some key combinations and I was given this 'Window Resize Grippers' on an active application window.

    I haven't installed any software to tweak the Ubuntu environment. It's just a standard upgrade.

    I just dont know how 'Window Resize Grippers' popped up in the first place . Seems like a good option to me, so It would be helpful if any one can tell me how to bring about the 'Window Resize Grippers' whenever I want it . What is the default key combination?

    I Google for the information and most of them talks about disabling it. A few of the articles I read asks me to install some software to enable it and add key combinations.
    But, I suppose it's enabled by default, why else I was able to get it in the first place.

    Just to have a visual clue of what I am talking about I am attaching a relevant image from Google search results.

    Thanks in advance.
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