I have just installed the latest VirtualBox on my Win 7 64+ bit home edition OS. The pc works fine. I tried to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (32 bit) and Fedora 16 (32 bit) in VirtualBox. Both were installed one by one. But on each ocassion there was a problem. While Ubuntu install well it did not boot after the installation finished and it threw the CD out as it the case with normal install on a physical HDD, VirtualBox showed an errro saying
oracle vm virtualbox manager is not responding
When Fedora install finished well and it also kicked the DVD out asking me too reboot, it again showed the same error ie QUOTE]oracle vm virtualbox manager is not responding[/QUOTE] when I pressed reboot to finish the 2nd part of install which requires a normal user creation.

My pc has a lot of space left (HDD is 500 GB), RAM is 4 GB. What could have gone wrong here? Please help me out, thanks.