Hi Everyone,

As you can probably see I'm new to this forum so thanks in advance for any replies I really appreciate the help

I recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 as a dual boot on my Toshiba laptop alongside Windows 7. Everything worked perfectly, very happy with Ubuntu etc until this morning.

Last night I downloaded a couple of updates (I can't remember the details but they might have been security updates). Next morning I booted it back up as normal and when I selected the Ubuntu option from the boot screen the login screen resolution had changed and the mouse no longer worked.

After a little googling I came across a solution and managed to login, navigate my way into command prompt and I used the following fix:

(Before I ran this I used 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' because apparently a package was broken up and it wouldn't let me do the following.)

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
sudo shutdown -r now

So then I rebooted and the login screen is back to normal!!! Excellent, however upon login the desktop is completely blank - no unity, no menu bar at the top, just the files I usually have on the desktop.

Looking back I'm kind of surprised the first fix worked at all as it seems to refer to nvidia graphics cards and my laptop doesn't have one, it uses a standard intel one..........

Any help returning the unity and top menu bar would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!