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Thread: problem with software center

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    Question problem with software center

    hi! when I open the software center and I click on installed it happens this problem (all software and record don't give problem, only installed)
    The other day i change a name's directory about this (i read in a forum for use less resources) but I don't remember what changued exactly and I don't find the forum.
    Help, plis!!

    I find the page of the forum, it's this
    I aply this instructions:
    sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-music
    sudo apt-get autoremove unity-scope-musicstores
    sudo apt-get remove ubuntuone-client
    sudo apt-get remove deja-dup
    sudo apt-get autoremove gnome-online-accounts
    sudo mv /usr/share/oneconf/oneconf-service /usr/share/oneconf/oneconf-service-old
    sudo mv /usr/sbin/aptd /usr/sbin/aptd-old

    what instruction make this mistake and how I fix this wrong?
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    Re: problem with software center

    Please post all errors you are now getting.

    Also this may help others to understand what you did

    And in terminal enter:

    sudo apt-get update

    Get any errors from that?

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    Re: problem with software center

    I'm rather wary about hacking apart Unity and its components. Last time I tried that I ended up with an un-bootable install. Persoanlly I would just unhide the hidden startup programs and disable whatever you don't use. You can find instructions for that somewhere on these forums, but I can't remember where. A search for 'hidden startup' should find it.

    In regards to your problem, we need more information. Reproduce the error and when the error report window pops up, click the button labeled "Mostrar detalles" and copy the message in the next window and paste it here.
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