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Thread: ATI Driver issues

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    Arrow ATI Driver issues


    I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 onto my desktop, although I cannot seem to get my graphics card working.

    When I try to change the resolution it will either display a black rectangle on the upper left hand corner of the screen, and freeze, or it will say that the X Server doesn't support that size resolution. I have tried the default ATI driver that came installed, but that results in the same thing as the FGLRX driver. I have also tried reinstalling several times but with no results. I have tried with both one, and dual display, but I would prefer dual display is that is possible.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

    The Graphics card is an ATI [XFX Manufactured]Raedon 5450 1GB

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    Re: ATI Driver issues

    I have exactly the same card as you. Can't get it to work, even with help from the Ubuntu-forum in Sweden, Google and friends. If you find a solution, (or I) send a post!
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    Re: ATI Driver issues Radeon HD 5450

    Came across this thread asking how to install the driver.

    I've actually managed to achieve this, or so the System settings says.

    1st I followed the procedures on this posting, right to the bitter end in full.

    FGLRX Graphics Driver

    I then installed the Corrective updates, NOT a Partial update, but a full one to install the correct drivers, and it works.

    Now, people with some actual knowledge, would be able to Eliminate many of these steps. This is a very convoluted and round about way to achieve it.

    It maybe just as simple as installing the most recent drivers, which happened to be available on the day I did this??? I don't know.

    I've taken a picture of System Settings to show its 'activated'.



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    Re: ATI Driver issues

    From the Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.
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