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Thread: Help with Directory Structure Naming

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    Help with Directory Structure Naming

    I'm trying to copying my photo collection of thousands of photos that are in a folder structure into a single folder so that I can look at managing my collection via tagging rather than having a fixed folder structure. I have looked at several terminal commands and I'm getting to understand(!) what they mean. However, they all fall down with the folder names - I keep getting messages such as No such file or directory - so my naming must be wrong. I keep trying different things like /Home/Pictures/photos, or I cd to Pictures and try photos/ or /photos/ but I'm not getting it right. My latest failure is:

    dad@dadubuntu:~$ find /Home/Pictures/photos -type f -exec cp {} /Home/Pictures/single folder/ \;
    find: ‘/Home/Pictures/photos’: No such file or directory

    so in my Pictures folder I have my photo collection in a top level folder called photos. I'm trying to copy all the files into another folder in Pictures called single folder. Any help appreciated as I have too many photo files to copy and paste - this would truely help if I can get this naming convention right.
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