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Thread: Launcher Menu Dissappears HDMI Mirrored Display

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    Launcher Menu Dissappears HDMI Mirrored Display

    Ubuntu 12.04 on GA-A75M-D2H, w/ Radeon A4 3300APU As soon as I turn on my LCD TY connected by HDMI, the PC senses the added display, blinks, and both displays then appear identical 16:9 widescreen, but the launcher bar is erased on both monitor and TV. Not hidden, but totally vanished and inaccessible. Auto-hide launcher is OFF. Everything else, mouse flash video etc. works propely as mirrored across both displays. Catalyst 11.8 driver cannot sense this early model Philips LCD TV, reports it as a projector. If I reboot it often reverts to 4:3 on the LCD and matching 1/4 scale display on 19inch monitor. Is there a way to manually force a 720P resolution HDMI out and keep the launcher bar? What is more frustrating is that it used to mirror correctly but something changed (reminds me of an XP spontaneous mutation).
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