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    Lightbulb Best practice /etc/fstab mount

    Hi!!I've one question for you..

    I need to mount some EXT4 partitions automatically on boot through fstab file. The mountpoints are /mnt/<name> etc etc. I want to give writing permission to some users and groups with something like 775(I will choose later).

    So here is the problem... what's the best practice??

    1. Create the folders in /mnt and give them the right permissions, like 775 and user:group owner. I must preserve this scheme for all the files that will be written, it is no good if a program run by an user will write stuff with different permissions.
    2. Create the folders in /mnt as root, so with 755 and root:root owner and add some mount options in fstab file. As said before, I must preserve permissions for all the files within.

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