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Thread: Shift+F# keys converted to ;2R

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    Shift+F# keys converted to ;2R

    I'm also still having this problem in 12.04. I want to assign a key to shift+F3 in emacs, but it gets turned into ";2R" Lots of *-f* combos have similar a effect. I have noticed that xterm does not have this problem, only gnome-terminal.

    shift+f2          - ;2Q
    shift+f3          - ;2R
    shift+f4          - ;2S
    alt+f2            - ubuntu captures this chord
    alt+f3            - ;3R
    alt+f4            - ;3S
    shift+alt+f2      - ;4Q
    shift+alt+f3      - ;4R
    shift+alt+f4      - ;4S
    ctrl+f2           - ;5Q
    ctrl+f3           - ;5R
    ctrl+f4           - ;5S
    ctrl+shift+f2     - ;6Q
    ctrl+shift+f3     - ;6R
    ctrl+shift+f4     - ;6S
    alt+ctrl+shift+f2 - ;8Q
    alt+ctrl+shift+f3 - ;8R
    alt+ctrl+shift+f4 - ;8S
    It seems this has been a problem for quite some time: old thread from July 2010
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