Currently I have an hp laserjet p3015 printer installed in ubuntu 12.04 and it;s working just fine, I can print whatever I need to and I have to admit the installation of the printer in ubuntu was easier than it was in windows. Anyway that aside I am trying to remote desktop into a windows machine. I am using rdesktop to connect because it's easy to create a script file for a user to click and automatically run the program and login to the remote session.

Currently i am using this code rdesktop -r hplaserjet -f -u username -p password (ip address here)

hplaserjet is the name of the printer, ( I set it when I installed it) and I cannot get the printer reidrection to work properly. It's not even showing me the printer in the remote connection.

I was wondering if there is another program that I can use, must be able to run it automatically, that will allow me to redirect this printer.