Gateway NV-53 Laptop
500 GB HDD
256 MB ATI Radeon Mobility 4200 HD graphics

Heres the situation: my computer screen is cracked BADLY, and to get images, I must use an external monitor. I prefer to use my Panasonic 32" HDTV as my monitor (1080P), and I have an extra 19" Coby HDTV (720P) as a backup. I was running Ultimate Edition 3.4, and the HDMI port worked 100%, but now, I found that I like KDE, and my system was becoming unstable, so I reformatted and installed Kubuntu 12.10. Love the system, but the ONE issue is that I cannot get the HDMI port to display an image on my TV, and I have tried to install the OSS ATI drivers, and the Catalyst Proprietary drivers. The OSS Drivers can see the EXISTENCE of the HDMI port, but no picture, and the Proprietary drivers, even after the aticonfig command, does NOT see the existence of the port. I need to get it so i can use the port ASAP, i really don't care about sound, would be nice, not 100% necessary. Picture is a must. Please help me guys.