I have a Dell Latitude E6400 XFR and it is suddenly running hot. makes me sad since it was my cool running 6400. looking at the output from p-sensors it is very bizzare, the temp is hot but then will instantly peak 10C or more higher than its curernt temp, then immmediatly jump back down to what is,fast enough toonly leave a spike, no flat spot. I suspect a heat pipe has come loose or something and plan to open it up soon to fix, but I have murdered my back and am holding off on manual labor afew days.

Anyways since this eror seems to be befuddling my temp snesors since thelaptop is hovering around 70C with instant spikes to <strikethrough>infinity</strikethrough> 85C and beyond, hotter than it generally ran in the past. I want to turn the fan on and lock it on, regardless of temp. noise be damned I don't want anything to happen to this machine. I tried to get i8kmon running, but I failed horribly. I have a windowthat shows the temp qand a button that when pushed will turn the fan on for about .5 seconeds then it turns off. please help