I've been running Ubuntu 10.04 for about three years now. Things were fine with it for a long time.

I did some updates after months of not doing them, and it stopped flash from working right after that. I use Firefox and Chrome. Same problem in both.

I've tried reinstalling 10.04 and not doing ANY updates. No luck. I've reinstalled it and done ALL the updates. No luck. I've tried the new 12.04, but had the same problem.

I've tried the Flash Aid for Firefox. No luck.

I've tried these things:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

No luck.

My hardware is about 7 years or older now. Am I just out of luck? This is becoming REALLY frustrating. Some Flash content plays, and some doesn't. I really don't want to go back to Windows.

Any help would be very much appreciated.