I have a dual-boot system: Windows Vista 64-bit and Ubuntu 12.04->12.10 (attempted)

My 12.04 system was ok; but, as recommended (bug fixes, improved security,etc.) I attempted to upgrade to 12.10 about 6 hours ago.

1. There were some errors generated during the installation and when prompted for feedback on these to Ubuntu developers I tried to do this.
2. I am quite sure that I followed the instructions during the upgrade process correctly.
3. I can boot-up 12.10; but, unfortunately, I am unable to connect to the internet via my wireless. [Note, this was no problem before I attempted the upgrade.]
4. I tried to use the recovery mode for 12.04 but, this was impossible --- kernel was missing, etc.
5. I was unable to recover (return to) any of the earlier versions of Ubuntu.

I have all the details on my wireless connection (saved this from 12.04) and it seems no matter what I try I can not connect to the internet with 12.10.

1. How can I connect to the internet with 12.10?
2. Why are these recovery modes offered as possibilities if they do not actually work properly?
3. How can I recover 12.04?

1. I am sending this from my Windows Vista system.
2. I can provide details of my wireless connection (if this would help) and any other information that might be useful for recovery of 12.04.