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Thread: Kubuntu wont detect partitions

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    Angry Kubuntu wont detect partitions

    While trying to install Kubuntu 12.10 64bit on an already partitioned disk, Kubuntu fails to see any other OS or partitions, yet sees the disk as a whole.
    I am trying to install it on a separate partition so i can dual boot it along with Win 7. I have been dual booting windows of all varieties alongside various different flavors of Linux for about 10 years and this is the first time this has happened. I do not want to risk deleting my windows install as i have spent many hours setting it up for use at work.
    Does anyone have an idea of why Kubuntu is not seeing the windows partition? This has never been an issue before.

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    Re: Kubuntu wont detect partitions

    Is this the case if you choose "manual" partitioning during installation? I've installed many different versions of Kubuntu starting with 8.04 (though not yet 12.10) and never encountered this problem, though I always use manual partitioning.
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