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Thanks, Doug. How did you find out which option to add to git to go forward?
Hi Lars, I didn't add any option to git. I Think git figured it out based on my answer for the "test this merge point" request above. Note that I didn't list it above but I also tried an answer of
git bisect bad
and git replied with a range of commit numbers. I suppose if that avenue needs to be pursued, a new bisection would be started with those good /bad points.

On your next posting, "no debian" sub-directory: On my computer, I have the debian sub-directory. I have no clue why I have it and you do not. However, it might be because I got to the next step, and you did not. Even though I did a "git bisect reset" and then the "git bisect start ..." again, maybe the debian directory is left over.

I also tried to compile (before I did the "git bisect reset" stuff), and it errors out right at the start. If I am even able to figure it out, it tends to take me forever at the best of times. However, I can not work on it right now.

I have been compiling the kernel a lot over the last year (mainly from Ubuntu, but also from Kernel.org), but not for a couple of months now. However, when things don't work, I tend to end up in some blackhole of getting lost and frustrated.