Hi guys,

I have 4-core i7, 8G RAM, 2G nvidia video Asus laptop, running Ubuntu 12.10.
With these specs one would expect Ubuntu runs lightning fast, but thing is it's kind of sluggish. When I start a program (Chrome, Filezilla, Libre Office, Ubuntu Softwware Center, 720p video with VLC, etc.) for the first time after boot I get some 5-6 seconds of nothing. Then of course they kind of speed up when you close and reopen them several times. Even the dash seems slower than the demos I've seen on other setups.

I don't think this is OK, so I'm looking for a way to solve it. Is there a way to log the activity between the click of the mouse and the actual start of the program? If there is, maybe I can find something in common that is slowing down.

If you have other suggestions, they will be more than welcome ...