Gtk window placement not remembering size when it is an open or save dialog window.
1. Open the open dialog on libreoffice.
2. Window overlaps off screen. Does not fit on screen.
3. Click the maximise button and the window adjusts as a maximised window that fits on the screen.
4. Close window.
5. Open window again.
6. Same problem overlaps on screen does not remember that it was in a maximised state when I closed it from last time.
7. Have to click maximise again!

What it needs to do:
1. The 2nd window should remember where it was in a maximised state (not overlap when i open it again) as I had left it when I had closed the 1st window.
2. Window open and save dialog s should remember there state no matter how they are adjusted.

I have filed a gtk bug.
My response so far is that it is a Ubuntu problem.

What I think is happening:
The open and save dialog window knows that it needs to be at a resolution as it was before... And that is what it is directly doing. But, What the window needs to do though is to be told when it is opened to go to that size and resolution but to also go back into maximise mode as I had left it before.

Links: launchpad bug:
Bug filed with gtk developer:
Screenshots in both links of what is going wrong.

I have had this problem with many versions of ubuntu since 10.04.. Earlier. It would be great if it could be fixed... still happens in quantal 12.10.

It is quite annoying when the dialog doesn't remember its position or fits on the screen??
this happens on any open or save window in ubuntu on any program. Including Firefox... Chromium... Libreoffice... Archive manager.... Nautilus.... And many many many others.

Please help,