I'm having a weird problem with Firefox, a number of sites are reporting cookies are disabled and not letting me log in.
The sites include:
The two sites are completely unrelated and I can still log into other sites such as this one and Facebook. Cookies are enabled in my settings.

The Page Info window list a number of cookies on both pages.

So far I've tried unsuccessfully:
-Clear History
-Clear Cache
-Deleting cookies.sql from the profile folder
-Deleting the cache and offline cache folders from the profile folder
-Creating and using a new user profile (via Firefox -P)
-Reinstalling firefox (via sudo aptitude reinstall firefox)
-Right Click on page>Page Info>Permissions and specifically allowing cookies for that site.
-Disabling EFFs 'HTTPs everywhere' add-on

I considered running an 'apt-get purge firefox', but I really don't want to lose all my bookmarks and stored passwords.

I'm running firefox 16.0.2 and the latest version of kubuntu.

Any help would be much appreciated,