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Thread: 12.10 - Black screen D610

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    Angry 12.10 - Black screen D610

    I have a Dell D610. It was running 12.04 LTS and it was doing so without any issues. I then proceeded to upgrading to 12.10 and now I cannot boot up. Well more specifically it sometimes boots straight into a black screen and dies and sometimes I get the grub menu. If I go into the 3.2.0-32 generic I can sometimes boot into the menu but the resolution is very low..unusablly low.

    I have read a lot and it seems to be something to do with graphics support but much of it is not specific and noob-proof for me to implement.

    What I can say is:
    - when I do manage to logon I get: Could not apply the stored configurations for monitors.
    - many point to Nvidia and ATI support. They mention going into software center and tick everything I still see nothing in the proprietary drivers - nothing.
    - the screen resolution is so low I have no access to any of the buttons in the software center to do any updates. So probably need some kind of command line instructions
    - have seen there is a bug logged about black screen issue and it mentions nomodeset but there are no noob proof instructions that I could implement.
    - I can only logon also if I go via GNOME.

    Any and all help welcome. Please make it noob-proof though. I am not totally a npob but am no pro so the simpler the more likely it is I will be able to implement.

    Thanks loads!!!!!!!

    (*) More information. I have n Intel Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics controller.
    (*) More information. The Nvidia X server Settings progam is installed and I can access it. It then tells me: you do not apprat to be using the NVIDIA X Driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run 'nvidia-xconfig' as root) and restart xerver. I do both and keep going into the tool and get the same message. I then reboot. -> black screen. Have to reboot again to
    (*) More Information. I have gone into X Diagnostic settings and "view Errors". There are none.
    (*) More information. I have run xrandr and see VGA1 disconnected, DVI1 disconeected, TV1 Disconnected.
    (*) More information. I used "xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1024x768" and it says - Cannot find mode 1024x768
    (*) More Information - followed addmode instructions here Still no joy
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