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Thread: Auto-Login to University WiFi

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    Auto-Login to University WiFi

    I'm attending school at a university that requires our student credentials to access WiFi (I know that this is a pretty common method for educational institutions nowadays). For example, it will successfully connect to the schools WiFi, but I will not have internet access until I open up a browser and go to any site in which I will be redirected to a log in screen where I must enter in my student account username and password. Me, being the lazy person that I am, would like to access the network without having to log in every time. I am logged out after about a half and hour of non-connectivity or whenever I switch to a different router. The browsers I've used will not pre-populate the boxes with my log in credentials, so I have to type them in manually each time.

    Does anyone know of a way in which I can bypass the log in screen so I don't need to provide my credentials each time? I was hoping for an application that would take care of this for me.

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    Re: Auto-Login to University WiFi

    I also was having the same problem. If i want to check my mail or something other then the net i have to pull up a web browser and log in then all the other stuff will work. I have a app on my android that will auto log in for me so my tablet or phone i don't have this problem but my "computer" (the more powerful and complicated of them all) can't do this. I'm not a programmer but I think that it should not be to hard to have something watch me log in and just replay that into the school system. help!!

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