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Thread: World of Warcraft REPEATEDLY crashing.

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    Re: World of Warcraft REPEATEDLY crashing.

    We need to know what Graphics Hardware you're running (I.E. Ati/AMD, Nvidia, Intel, whatever)

    And (only if NOT Intel) what driver version you have

    Are you running in "-opengl" mode or just D3D?

    One thing you may want to try first is a WoW repair running the Repair.exe file in the WoW folder (where ever you have it installed)(you may have a bad file in there)
    env WINEPREFIX=/home/<username>/.wine wine "C:/Program Files(x86)/World of Warcraft/Repair.exe"
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    Running wine/WoW on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+(2.6GHz)w/4GB DDRII(667) and a NV9600GSO w/768MB DDRIII.

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