I am not totally new to Ubuntu, Linux or installing a new OS, but I felt that this would be the best place to list this because I am not good with deciphering geek speak or other things that some think should be obvious. (like telling me to do something on the command line. I do not automatically know to do this if you just show what to type.)

My problem: I probably should have installed Ubuntu at first, but the day I tried downloading an OS, I could not find a working link (I have no clue why). Anyway, I found a working Debian download and installed it on my mac mini PPC. Great, it is currently working !except! it will no longer do wifi. The airport card was working before installing Debian. Can not find a fix for this and no one has posted a fix in the Linux forum I first asked in.

*Frustrated sigh*

Two days later I decided to try again with Ubuntu and this time found a working download that is supposed to work with PPC, wonderful! Yes?

No. I can not get passed the "c" command to run from the cd drive. I hold "c" to boot from cd which brings me to a terminal asking if I want to boot from the cd to which I type "c" this makes everything whir for a few seconds and the same screen is then displayed. Twice this will happen quickly with the third time lasting a bit longer and almost teasing me to think it might work, but nope. Back to that "c" question again.

It is now another two days later and no answers from the Linux forums, so I am trying here.

What I need is my mac mini to work on wifi. Is there anyway to get the current Debian to recognize the wifi card (it says there is no firmware) OR install some flavor of ubuntu (which tends to work better with wifi in general).

Please make all help new person friendly. I may have skills in this, but I prefer to know all the steps right down to telling me which files/programs to open and where they should be found. I can write disks from this computer and the mac mini. I can also use a flash drive to install something if needed.