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Thread: phasex no sound

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    Question phasex no sound


    I get no sound out of phasex. I tried 2 following configurations in patchage.

    Both of them produce no sound. Do I overlook something?
    This configuration however, using aeolus only, produces proper sound:

    I use ubuntu studio 12.04. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: phasex no sound

    Hi. Try to connect a virtual keyboard to phasex's green input in order to check phasex's synthesis. Some phasex preset actually need some parameter adjustment before to sound properly. Check with a lot of presets (and/or by playng around with parameters). Make sure to have properly understood what phasex's audio inputs actually are: "Up to two JACK input channels (as mono, dual mono, or stereo) may be used as frequency sources for both oscillators and LFOs. An input envelope follower and input boost allow for sources like guitar or vocals to be processed with ease." :
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    Re: phasex no sound

    With the old official Phasex site down, there seems to be little documentation for getting some of the features to work. Like, I understand what the audio inputs are, but could someone explain practically how to implement them in the program? How would I give myself voice effects? I have a microphone and a midi keyboard.

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    Re: phasex no sound

    Experimenting with Phasex I found that you can use the audio input as a source for all the oscillators (as written in the guide). Is like using a synthetiser (of course, as Phasex is a synthetiser), but the wave forms for the oscillators are given by the inputs. To hear sound you have to play notes while "putting signals" into the Phasex inputs. So have a try by:

    Connecting the mic to the soundcard and the midi controller to the computer, then:

    Start Jack and Phasex

    Go in Audio tab into connections and Connect the System Capture to Phasex's audio input

    Go in the ALSA tab and Connect the midi controller to the Phasex input

    Configure the Phasex oscillators you want in order to use input as source for them

    Now try to sing and play the keyboard togheter.
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    Re: phasex no sound

    Quote Originally Posted by Chiel92 View Post

    I get no sound out of phasex.
    phasex can be fussy, I would make sure the default
    patchbankstart text file is 924 bytes, and that everything
    that exists in /usr/share/phasex, is also in

    By default, no sound is loaded, so one must be selected.
    I would start phasex before any other instruments.

    Try using qjackctl for connections, and try jackd midi:
    Install a2jmidid and use command

    a2jmidid -j default, and use those connections for phasex.

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