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Thread: Using xfm over ssh?

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    Using xfm over ssh?

    I've managed to stream files over SSH over my LAN. The problem is that some of the pathnames for my files are ridiculously long. I've heard that it's possible to run x-windows apps (e.g. xfm?) over SSH -- how can I go about doing this so that I don't need to use command line to type extremely long and complex pathnames?

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    forwarding x11

    You can connect to the remote machine using ssh with X11 forwarding (-X) enabled. Then any graphical programs you run on the remote machine will have their output forwarded to the local display.

    ssh -X -l raincityrunner
    firefox &
    That can be condensed further if you only want to run one program and then exit afterwards.

    ssh -X -l raincityrunner firefox
    You'll want a fast connection with low latency because it can be a little sluggish otherwise. Usually it is fine over the LAN.

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