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Thread: ubuntu on new retina macbook : any experience ?

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    Re: ubuntu on new retina macbook : any experience ?

    My brightness buttons work properly after wake up, not after boot. Solution working for me right now: After boot, put the computer to sleep and wake it up again.

    Didn't need to do any kernel recompiling, which, it seems, leaded to the same result anyway.

    Oh and if any of you are having trouble booting up after the second restart of your computer after installing the nvidia drivers, I found the following: After you install the drivers and reboot, notice that your xorg.conf timestamp has changed. Nvidia performs some changes after boot that mess everything up. To prevent this:

    1) Install nvidia drivers as described by cberner.
    2) Reboot.
    3) Run
    sudo nvidia-xconfig
    4) Reboot as many times as you wish now without trouble.
    Last edited by plech.d; October 29th, 2012 at 07:43 PM. Reason: Found the proper reason for my brightness keys working.


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